14 May 2011

And Then There Was A Bit Of Education….

Mr. Delingpole has a post up that has this sad piece in the comments. By-the-by, is there some Bloggery sort of etiquette regarding copying others comments? Either way, may I thank/apologise, which ever is appropriate, to the commenter selsey_steve.

Recently I received a somewhat startling wake-up call regarding the educational levels in England.

I assisted a friend and colleague in the recruitment of two persons to positions in his small engineering company, positions which could lead to personal advancement quite quickly.

I placed the advertisements in the local paper, stating that all replies were to be hand-written. Sixty two replies were received, thirty nine of which were computer generated and printed. These were discarded without being read.

The vast majority of the remaining twenty three applications, all hand written, appeared to have been produced by Primary School children. Format, spelling, even the choice of writing implement (some were written in pencil) excluded all but two applicants.

The nineteen-year old girl who was the first to be interviewed disqualified herself as she walked into the interview. She was chewing gum, which she continued to do throughout the interview. That she was clad in a track-suit and trainers did not endear her to the interview panel of three.

The second, and last interviewee's application had caught everyone's eye. It was the only one written in ink, it was formatted properly and all words were correctly spelled. The person entered the interview and made an immediate impression. She was smartly dressed and, as was very quickly apparent, very well prepared for her interview. She was hired immediately and has turned out to be excellent at her job. Her pay went up after only two months in recognition of this.

She is sixty two years of age.

Which leads, somewhat obscurely, into this true tale from days of yore;

A long, long time ago, in a town in the same galaxy as this one, and not too far away, lived a family wot was related to bits of this one.

Shortly after leaving college, one of that families daughters came home one day and announced she had secured a job. Upon proudly announcing this, and where she would be working, to her mummy and daddy, she was somewhat taken aback by daddies reaction.
”Wait a minute! I spend all that money and we all make so many other sacrifices to be sure you get a great education and the best you can do is get a job in a pub? A pub? I don’t believe it!"
The daughter stood bemused, speechless and a tad sad as dad continued, “Anyway, where is this pub? I’ve never heard of the, watch-a-ma-call-it? ‘Chubble Arms’? Where is it? Probably in a rough area, right?”
At mention of the ‘Chubble Arms’ she brightened up and answered, ”Daddy dear, please relax, pay attention and I’ll explain with a little more clarity. I have managed to get a job in the research and development department of the multi-national company, Chubb Alarms.”

Quote; Stefan Bergman.

"I speak twelve languages. English is the bestest."

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