25 Mar 2011

And Then There Were Cats….

Cruising round the Blog world this week I see quite a few folk have embederated the advert from TV featuring the Cravendale Milk cat gang; Know the one I mean? This one.

This got me thinking, no, really, it did, and so as it’s the weekend an’ all, I thought a singy thingy with cats may be just the ommer for Friday viewing.

After many hours searching, {you believe that?} I found this sad cat with a pleasant sounding song as a supplement. I like the music, but, if it’s not to your taste, please refer to No. 14 in the last post.

Oh, and don’t get too upset about the sad eyed, little lost kitten ‘couse at the end it looks like his pals come back for him and take him back home. At least, after watching the last bit a few times, I think that’s what it shows. I’m sure nothing bad happens. It all ends really, really happily ever after for the little guy. Come on, that is what happens, right?

Again, as it’s the weekend, for my younger readers…. what? Oh. Well, anyway, I found this bit which would have gone well with the Chemistry post from before;

A young man was very nervous about a blind date his friend had arranged. "Don't worry," his friend said. "If she doesn't meet your expectations - just say "Aghhhhhhhhhh" when you meet her at you front door and she’ll run away."
That evening the door bell rang and when the guy opened the door, he was amazed and delighted to see the beautiful, sexy figure standing before him - until she gasped, "Aghhhhhhhhhhh".

Quote; Jennifer Hart.

“In my day, we didn't have dogs or cats. All I had was Silver Beauty, my beloved paper clip.”


Anonymous said...

Hi Foggs,

Can't say I really like cats - the best description I ever read about their supercilious ways was; "Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff"

Anyhoo, a really entertaining use for a cat is cat-bowling. check out the link;


Pip pip

Mac said...

I do like that!! There is also Simon Bonds wonderful book,
'101 Uses For A Dead Cat'

Ref; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/101_Uses_for_a_Dead_Cat