13 Aug 2010

And Then There Was Chemistry ….

This is kind a new for me; an educational video. ‘Oh no, what’s he talking about now?’ I hear you at the back muttering to yourself. {It’s ALWAYS the little guy at the back is it?}

Well, it’s the weekend and you, the mutterer at the back, wot wozz muttering to he self, may possibly, a remote chance I know, but just possibly be heading out on a blind date, or know someone who is, so this video is offered as a cautionary tale. But mainly to start your weekend with a little smile. I hope.

And did I ever? Never. Would I ever? Never. Never mind the weather? Never. All right Janice……..

Quote; Mike Bender.

"I dated this girl for two years—and then the nagging started: 'I wanna know your name...' "

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