11 Aug 2010

And Then I Thought I Bought Some Land….

Once I had arrived at where I was coming to from where I’d started, and knowing I would only be there, where I had been getting to, for a little bit of time, I decided to use the short stay car park. I would’ve pulled up in front of the building but it’s now full of anti-tank blocks and thus this public building is now a ‘no-go’ area for the driving public.

Anyhoo I did what I had got there to do and having nothing else to do there decided to go back to where I’d come from to get here to do what I had got done.

I found an Information Desk to pay for the car parking, a little over one hours worth. They have machines outside the building but all these types of machine seem to enjoy eating my tickets and I always have to revert to Information counters anyway.

The amount requested was quite staggering, in fact so staggering was the amount asked that I staggered about a bit.

I managed to stop the staggering stuff and asked if there’d been some sort of mistake as I just wanted to get my car back, not buy a bunch of land. Although, if the land came as a car park going concern, and I got to get the keys to get the money from the pay machines, I’d call it a deal. The Information Desk lady just looked through me to the next victim obviously more than used to staggering about in amazement, ‘Did I buy land?’ car park paying people.

When I got home, after crossing the bridge and, again, encouraging everyone to do that rapid, repeated headlight flashy bridge crossing thing, I realised what I should’ve done was not pay, left the car, got a taxi home and bought a new car. Not much in it.

Quote; Price Cobb.

“Some days you're a bug, some days you're a windshield.”

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