14 Aug 2010

And Then There Were Shopping Names….

There I wuzz in this big store looking at stuff in the ‘Stuff’ department. A bit of stuff took my interest but I needed just a little bit of advice from a member of the ‘Stuff’ staff.

I finally spotted a ‘Stuff’ staff member and enquired if they could give me a moment of their valuable time.
”I’ll be there shortly.” the ‘Stuff’ staff person responded.
”No probs’ ‘Stuff’
staff. But please don’t ever call me Shorty.”

After a few happy moments in the ‘Stuff’ department, I ambled in search of the coffee shop. When found it, it was a nice coffee shop so I decided to have a nice coffee.

”G’day. May I surmise from your natty attire that you be the beverage dispensing person?”
”That I be astute, thirsty shopper. May I be dispensing you a beverage from my extensive beverage selection for your refreshment?”
”You may indeed be doing that for me and my refreshment. I would be very much liking a regular coffee please.”
”That’ll be no problem at all thirsty, thrifty person. It’s my job! One really regular coffee coming up it is. Milk, sugar?”
”A splash of milk sounds most lovely. But please don’t ever call me sugar.”

It wasn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had. And a long way from the worst. No stuff was purchased during researching for this load of rubbish.

Quote; Edward Abbey.

“Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting much like the second.”

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