16 Aug 2010

And Then There Was Another Classic….

Well, another Monday and we’re back at…. you’re back at work. On the other hand, Monday’s over so now it’s all down-hill to Friday. Isn’t it?

If, for some reason, it was a grim start to your week at work, please relax and enjoy this classic bit of movie magic then maybe, just maybe, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will go a tad better. Saying the week like that, does it make Friday seem like a long way off? Does it? Seeing as how it’s only, like, Monday evening an’ all? Sorry. Hehehehe.

To change the subject to that Great Global Fairytale, you may also find this brief article interesting…. then pop over here for an interesting little movie.

Quote; Milo Bloom.

“The first sign of a nervous breakdown is when you start thinking your work is terribly important.”

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