8 Dec 2010

And Then There Were Jellyfish….

Another day, another scare story. Jellyfish. They won’t stop will they? Seems it’s all to do with that nasty Co- whatsit and acidy stuff.

I’ll tell you what, from what I saw in the sky today they may well be right on this one and there just isn’t any room left for they jelly thingies in the wet stuff so they’re having a go up in the air stuff. And looks like liking it. And getting really, really big! That should scare the kids – bity sharks and stingy swimmy and flying jellyfish. And it’s all the grown-ups fault.


Headed out in the car this morning. As I set out, three council guys, armed with shovels, were starting to clear the opposite pavement of the compacted global warming. Did my front six days ago when it was fluffy and easy, by the way. Still close to a heart attack all the same….

Upon my return, some four hours later, I saw they had progressed an impressive thirty meters. This will give you some idea of the task presented by the compactedicity of the global warming’s compactedness. It also beggars the question; is a shovel the best we’ve got in this modern, hi-tech world for this job? If so, I now understand why this country closes for snow. Probably can’t use the windmills, right?

In fact one of the guys was very close to quitting. He was complaining bitterly about digging on a bitterly cold day with a faulty shovel. “Three times the handle’s fallen off this bloody shovel, now the shovel bit’s fallen off the handle!”

You know what scares me more than all the greeny, warmy, cooly, drowny, deserty stuff? Coronation Street’s been on TV for fifty years. That is very, very scary.

Quote; Stanislaw J. Lee.

“I give you bitter pills in sugar coating. The pills are harmless, the poison’s in the sugar.”

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Anonymous said...

Hi Foggy,

You need a Sno Wovel; checkout http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/004182.php

Pip pip