6 Dec 2010

And Then There Was An Idea….

Along with the rather inclement weather of late, the global warming goblins seem to be having rather a bad time of it in the press. Sea levels up, we’re doomed. No, no, wait a minute. Sea levels down, we’re doomed. Hang on! Sorry. Sea levels up just a very little bit, we’re doo… never mind.

Along with this, I note that WWF are peddling polar bears again, with a heart wrenchingly sad sound track. As all begging adverts of this ilk have. Who writes that music? Man, they must be fun at parties with pianos.

Along with this, and I’m repeating myself by saying ‘along with this’ again, it seems sharks are where sharks shouldn’t be right now. And eating Germans. {A bit like us Brits I guess, we don’t eat the local food.} As I watch this on that TV channel, watchum-a-call-it, BBC, I’m just waiting for these sharks being where they are to be blamed on warming, cooling, acidification, pH up or down, oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico or similar.

Do you not think the global warming goblins are missing a marketing trick here? Global man made climate change and mans poisoning of the oceans is driving sharks north and red meat is now on their menus ‘couse of mans over fishing of the fishes.

Considering the runaway success 10:10 had with their popular exploding people presentation, how about a fun movie showing sharks ripping polar bear cubs to pieces? With lots of the colour red on white and some really sad music. It’d work I reckon.

Money, lots of it, is urgently required. Lots of it. Short term, to build bamboo islands, to replace the melting ice islands, for the bears that haven’t been adopted to sit on. Long term to research ways to get sharks to go south and eat fish again. There’d be huge government grants as well of course, but that’s only common sense.

Funding to be supplemented with a swimming tax possibly?

Quote; Gary Larson.

"Newspapers will run a headline: 'Shark kills human.' You never see a headline from the other perspective: 'Man swims in shark-infested water, forgets he's shark food.’”

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