9 Dec 2010

And Then There Was A Wovel….

Anonymous, thanks for the link! You know what? I can build one of those, oh yes I can. Looks like I’d just need to lower the handlebars a tad for ‘her indoors’. Perfect.

If you’re over here, you’re all done snow digging for the day and have a few minutes to spare, this is worth a read. What can we say? You read that ‘Propeller Head? No? Go here then. Please.

After that, or, if you’re reading this from the bottom up, before that, but then again, if your reading from bottom to top, then you’ve already passed it so you know what I’m talking about; let’s pretend you’re a top to bottom reading person and just carry on as normal{?}, if you can tear yourself away from the BBC weather reports for a second – you can? Oh, okay then, well, check this out. Can’t say we haven’t been warned.

Worried yet? Worried just a little bit? Not worried at all? Good – try this on for size.

Finally, if you haven’t already been to Mr. Puddlecote’s place yesterday or today, then please do as this is a beauty.

Time to stick my head in the oven. Damn, it’s electric.

Sorry, this sounds like it could be a short version.

Quote; Francis Bacon.

“The wisdom of a single snowflake outweighs the wisdom of a million meteorologists.”

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