27 Dec 2010

And Then It Was A Cold USA….

Grim news from the east coast of the States weather-wise eh? What will the warm-a-loons dream up to cover this? They've just got into their stride telling us all the savage UK weather is just an isolated, local event in the grand scheme of stuff warming up. You know what? I don't think they know which way's up.

A nice photo nicked from here, hope you don’t mind;


I enjoyed this read earlier. Below is a bit. Go read the whole bit;

Our MSPs - mostly people who give cretinism a bad name - have gone overboard for a world-leading role in climate crusading. How much energy did Scotland's ice-bound wind turbines generate this month? The regulation director at Scottish Power Renewables has stated: "Thirty gigawatts of wind maybe requires 25 GW of backup." Few Scottish wind farms attain even 28 per cent of capacity. Cutting-edge technology, eh?

Further evening reading over here, if you can tear yourselves away from the TV. You can? No big surprise there then.

After saying that, there’s one program I do enjoy – no singing or dancing, not even a car chase, but it be good. That, what's it called program, Edwardian Farm, and it's partner Victorian Farm. Fascinating stuff. To watch. I don't want 'Propeller Head' to green tax me back to that life style. No, really, I don't.

Mr. Huhne, please, at the very least read a newspaper and then just have a pause for thought. Just a tad of thinking. Yup, I know it’s a toughie for you, but give it a go. Get some grown-ups to help you. For all our sakes.

Can’t read? Watch the above show, think about your propellers poor output, watch the above again, think again about your propellers pathetic performance, watch the show again then go get on with getting some conventional light and warm making kit building on the go. Your green taxes? I’m sure you know where they should be archived.

Seasonal Quote; Dave James.

“Although I can accept talking scarecrows, lions and great wizards of emerald cities, I find it hard to believe there’s no paperwork involved when your house lands on a witch.”


Caratacus said...

With you all the way ref. Mrs. Huhne's little boy, but I can't help wondering why a supposedly intelligent man (surrounded by other university graduates of some intellectual vigour, SURELY) keep chasing this plainly daft idea.

Have you any ideas Mac? Do share!

My default position is to grasp the back of his head and bang his hooter on the desk in front of him until sense prevails, but my son tells me that this may not be the way forward here...

Mac said...

Sorry, I'm at as much of a loss to understand this folly, other than to realize it's not our country;
'Under EU law, we are obliged to generate 32 per cent of our electricity from 'renewable' sources by 2020.'

Oh, and this from earlier in 2010;
'Nick Clegg's Spanish wife gets a job with Acciona, a wind farm firm targeting Britain.'

As for banging Huhne's head repeatidly against something even harder, the way forward or backward, I'd never tire of it.