28 Dec 2010

And Then There Was A Continuation….

Further to yesterdays post, may I humbly point you in a few directions so you may read a little about windmills. Please note there are also a few sites out there that do nothing but sing their praise. Spookily, these sites seem to be windmill builders buildings.

Below is a bit – no, wait!! I used 'bit' yesterday. Below is a snippet from a site;

How much of the time do wind turbines generate energy?

Wind turbines generate electrical energy when they are not shut down for maintenance, repair, or tours and the wind is between about 8 and 55 MPH. Below a wind speed of around 30 MPH, however, the amount of energy generated is very small. Wind turbines produce at or above their average rate around 40% of the time. Conversely, they produce little or no power around 60% of the time.

How much back-up power is needed for wind power?

According to Eon Netz, one of the four grid managers in Germany, with 7,050 MW of wind power capacity installed in its area at the end of 2004, the amount of back-up required was over 80%, which was the maximum output observed from all of their wind power facilities together. That is, for every 10 MW of wind power added to the system in this case, at least 8 MW of back-up power must also be dedicated. In other words, wind needs 100% back-up of its maximum output.

They snippets up there be just that. Snippets. Go here to read it snippetless. Or is that un-snippeted? None snipped?

Depending on your point of view, there’s more interesting reading here and here.

Finally, as with all things greenery or warmery or whatever, it's always worth following some of the money.... looks like ‘The Forehead Of Doom’ is in with a shout.

As our bills get ever bigger and you start to figure why, possibly electrickery is, indeed, a better name for the stuff. At least while we have some.
{Note to self; start to buy sixty watt candles and check shed to see if paraffin heater is still in there. If it is, check wick.}

Whoa!! Hang on just a moment there. What’s this then?

There will be a new right of popular initiative, whereby proposals receiving a certain number of signatures – probably 100,000 – will automatically be debated in Parliament and given government time.

That’s all right then. Okay, here’s one; how about making piano wire exempt from VAT? Oh, you mean just debate and move quickly on… Sorry, thought it was some sort of listening to the people thingy.

Quote; Simon Jenkins.

“The government's thesis that the countryside of upland and coastal Britain is 'worth sacrificing to save the planet' is an insult to science, economics and politics. But the greatest insult is to aesthetics. The trouble is that aesthetics has no way of answering back.”

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