7 Apr 2024

And Then, Nail Head Hitting…

    Strange; the comment by Andy5759 wot I’ve put-up below was confirmed by E-mail to me but doesn’t show through the Foggy post. No idea; but let’s give that no never mind as here it be for y’all. Many, many nail heads firmly hit.
   Just to add a little. We must remember that, for those just starting out, wot’s more important? A fridge or that new big smartphone? No-brainer eh?
   As for the list below, please remember this is the generation that can’t change a light bulb - never mind fix a fuse...

“Cant afford a house? Do you expect your new home to be fully furnished with brand new fridge freezer, dishwasher, carpeted throughout? Boomers worked their nuts off to get a starter house. Often having one or two sticks of furniture, going to jumble sales looking for a fireside chair or a rug. Putting meat on the table every day wasn't an option. A car? You're having a giraffe! (Giraffe/laugh).
This reminds me of something I read a while ago. Maybe even here. A younger person criticised a boomer for being of a generation which did no recycling and had it all. The rebuttal was lengthy and included the darning of socks, keeping buttons and zip fasteners, reusing everything possible, knitting, growing vegetables, foraging for mushrooms before school, baking, and just making do. I might have added a few of my own experiences in there.
In fairness to the millennials or gen xyz, whatever, they don't know a thing about all of that. I hope for their and their children's sake that they are fast learners.”

Quote; Michael Stutz.

“Our generation isn't lost, it's gone.”

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