20 May 2024

And Then Ever More…

   So, so far so wot; I’m still here, thanks be...
Ever more? An observation. And that would be a bike thingy.
   We’re all conscious of the fact that our pavements, sidewalks, pedestrian areas are getting evermore hazardous for pedestrians owing to the ever increasing numbers of mobility scooters, foot or lekky scooters and pedal and lekky bicycles starting to dominate the foot-ways.
   Recently I’ve noticed an increase in the number of bicycle riders, of an age, shooting along with hands off the handlebars. Why? Well, it would seem they need both hands to operate that smartphone. This also requires head down rather than looking ahead. But that’s only common sense...
   Is this all allowed now? I well remember when I was but a pup, I was caught by a beat Bobby riding my bike on the pavement and was duly summoned to court. Daddy declared me guilty by mail and I was fined four old pounds - a rather goodly amount back in the day - paid by Daddy which I had to pay back, with interest, via weekly pocket money deductions. I even got a mention of said crime and fine in the local paper the cutting of which I may still have somewhere.
   So wot is it? Is it now legal? Is it still illegal and just a result of many more folk coupled to many less {any?} Bobbies walking the streets? I’m guessing it’s the latter. Bobbies on the beat? Man, showing my age there eh?
   Anyhoo, let's end with a cartoon choon;

Quote; James D. Wright.

“Pedestrians have the right-of-way in all cases, but that is little comfort if you get run over.”

12 May 2024

And Then Privacy…

   I see from the ‘news’ recently that those two folk wot are, according to wot they say, desperately seeking privacy and anonymity, have made the ‘news’ cycle yet again with their visit to Africa. That would be Harry and Mega me, me, me of course.
   As they’re cavorting round the place, playing games and joining in with all the dancing, in privacy of course, it gives me a fine excuse to feature this hypnotic track again. Hope to see those two have a go whilst over there.
  As before, a word of caution; I would strongly suggest you resist the temptation to try this at home unless an experienced member of the medical profession is in the room or garden with you...

  Kind o’ makes Morris Dancing look a tad tame does it not?

Quote; Jerry Seinfeld.

“Somebody just gave me a shower radio. Thanks a lot. Do you really want music in the shower? I guess there's no better place to dance than a slick surface next to a glass door.”

11 May 2024

And Then It Has Gone…

   Still here, just sitting wondering where that week went; again. On the plus side, global warming seems to have finally kicked in. It’d be very pleasant if we weren’t being constantly reminded that we’re all doomed eh?
   I see that there are more ‘plans’ afoot to deal with the flood of gimmigrants. Listening to these ‘ideas’ always gives me paws for thought, thus this:
   This island is blessed{?} with several security services is it not. We’ve got wot, MI5, MI6, some secret services, several levels of policing, the SAS and who knows wot else is lurking beyond our knowledge. And all those script kiddies hacking/checking/monitoring the Interweb and phones eh? With all that, they want me/us to believe they can’t find the bad boys charging big bucks for a trip to the UK? Let’s not forget they also receive upwards of two hundred possible witnesses to try to break most daze.
   And all those security and spy types can’t figure out the supply chain involved with the rubber boats? Do they believe us down here really are all utter nutters?
   However, wrongly gender your woke neighbours cat in the garden one morning and your door will be beaten down by a bunch of bobbies before bedtime. But that’s just getting ‘our’ priorities right, right?
   To end on a slightly lighter note, this morning my little nest of vipers was busy in the kitchen when she came into the sitting-room where I was sitting trying to think of all I’d achieved this past week and coming up blank and dispatched me to the shop for items she’d forgotten to get.
Having located said items and checked out, I was putting the last item in the carrier when the next customer, a youngish fellow, moved forward and enquired of the cash-out lady - sorry, person if they’d got a bag they could have. I spoke up quickly telling the fellow I had one he could’ve had but, sadly, she stayed at home today. That seemed to cheer up those in earshot so I went wendingly on my way.

Quote; John F. Kennedy.

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.”