22 May 2022

And Then, Almost There...

   Seems I might have beaten Open Live Writer**. Either that or it got fixed in answer to yesterdays begging post.
   Anyhoo, wot did I do for a last hurrah? Last night I removed OLW then today, I copied all OLW data from the old ‘puter contained in Apps, Local and Roaming to the new guy, likewise with the registry settings Then I shut the ‘puter down, re-started, did the double clicky thingy on the icon and bobs your mothers brother!
   While I’m here, for those wot don’t know and use Firefox and fight with small print in the menus and drop-down boxes, as indeed did I, try this:
   In the address bar type about:config then agree to the fact that you may{?} wreck something. Next window, in the search box type, or copy, this; layout.css.devPixelsPerPx
You may find the number 1 or 1.1 showing. Change it to 1.5 Actually, for this old fellow I found 1.6 was good. For now...

**Adendumadodad; Had to cut and paste. Test posted from OLW; this post won’t. Google throwing another burning hoop in my way.

Quote;  Curtis Tyrone Jones

“When there’s magic in the mind, you see it everywhere.”

21 May 2022

And Then A Mess...

   Well, so, last nights post was a mess was it not? Why, you may ask - or not. Don’t matter I’m going to bore you with the reason anyway.
   Open Live Writer it seems has bitten the dust here and for reasons best understood, by folk much brighter than me, won’t allow me to fix it. I even copied registry entries from one computer, last place it worked, to this machine. No joy. To add to the ‘misery’, once typed here and copied into Blogger, formatting there didn’t work very well either. We’ll see wot happens today.
  Anyhoo, while looking for similar software, it seems most off-line Blogging kit has been abandoned and I’m sure you’ve also noticed that the Inter-Web is littered with much software wot hasn’t been updated for many a long year.
This decided me to start a charity to be known as The Foundation For The Protection Of Ageing Software:

   As you brows the Web, I’m sure your heart goes out to all the software you see that’s been cast out and abandoned by its owner just to be left with nowhere to call home and is huddled in dark corners of obscure Web sites for shelter.

   Fear not, with the help of your generosity, we hope to assign them each a new programmer to assist them in confronting and beating their deep feelings of incompatibility and to overcome their addictions to preprogrammed zeros and ones so as to regain workable normality and get downloaded to a computer where, once again, they’ll be used, loved, cared for and updated regularly as they so richly deserve.

   So please text ‘i-am-a-nutter’ to the number now showing on your screen right away to donate just twenty pounds a week to help us help abandoned and traumatised software to find a bright new updated, un-relient on Java future on a caring computer. You know you want to.

NOTE: Should you wish to cancel your donation sometime in the future, please be advised you’ll find
the procedure so ridiculously complex as to be just about impossible to complete.

Quote; Ralph Johnson.

“Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.”

20 May 2022

And Then In And Out...

  Firstly, apologies to the commenters to the last post but, sadly, real life stuff has fully occupied my - and my little nest of vipers - full time. No need to burden y’all with wot was to do, but all’s resolved satisfactorily.
And now from the post of theft the other night a couple of links provided by the good Ripper.
   It would seem that the Disinformation Governance Board has been paused although this news should be regarded with caution as it may well be disinformation I guess. Who knows these days?
   Regards the second link provided, it would appear to be an embederating thingy and plays in full screen. At time of typing I can’t figure how to embederate it here so here’s the link.
Have as good a weekend as you’re allowed to, okay?

Comment note: If there was the option for a bigger font size, I’d be there...

That worked well; nothing embederated.

Quote; Lee Iacocca

“In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.”