21 Mar 2023

And Then A Clip...

   Further to yesterdays post, you may find this clip worthy of a little of your time. I found it amongst the comments at Going Postal and if you haven’t yet given it a look, it’s well worth a visit. Really good articles and you’ll find many a link to news; news our impartial mainstream ‘news’ media choose to ignore such as wot’s below.
   It’s a Twatter video and I still have no idea how to embederate so
you’ll have to do the clicky thingy right here. I’m quietly confident you’re not going to see that, or here of the content, on any of our ‘news’ outlets.
   Below is a quote wot should be of interest to little Thumbelina who, I saw somewhere, unverified by I, has been busy deleting old unsocial media stuff wherein she predicted the end of the world by 2023 if serious action wasn’t taken...

Quote;  P.J. O'Rourke.

"The college idealists who fill the ranks of the environmental movement seem willing to do absolutely anything to save the biosphere, except take science courses and learn something about it."

20 Mar 2023

And Then, Not Long Now...

   I caught the ‘news’ this morning, supplied by the Breathless Broad-costing Comics and was terrified, terrified I tell you, to hear that some scientists had completed their climate research and declared something along the lines that we only have ten to twenty years to save the planet as it’s getting hotter.
   One has to wonder if these are the same scientists wot told us – was ten or twenty years ago? – that we only had ten or twenty years to save the planet. Guess wot, here we be with another ten or twenty years ahead ‘till the next doom laden warnings. Spooky eh?
   Worth a look here.
   Let’s give all that no never mind and be happy for those scientists who, I’m sure, have secured their doom finding funding for a further ten or twenty years, eh?


Quote;  Bob Dylan.

“You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

16 Mar 2023

And Then, Double Talk...

   Well, so, err, that was the budget that was. Headlining wot folk will get bottom-lining wot them up there will take back – plus some.
   So many words, so much double meaning it reminded me of a very old ditty sung similarly. Timidadians and those of a nervous disposition please steer clear. You hear?

Quote;  Fred Allen.

“An income tax form is like a laundry list - either way you lose your shirt.”