28 Nov 2023

And Then A Long Day….

    Yesterday was a damp, miserable day. Correction; no day is miserable if you’ve woken-up and feel reasonably healthy.
    Weather wise, it was miserable so I hauled out the old tap-top to see if updates were available so’s to be able to use it in the event of an emergency{?}.
    Now this old, slow bit o’ kit won’t take Billy 11 so will only accept Billy 10 updates. Plug in, turn on and check for updates. Yup, a bunch. A bunch? Started at nine thirty and it was all done by four-thirty in the afternoon.
You’ve probably noted this but it takes an age to download updates and forever to install them. Installing slowly ticks along to about twenty odd percent then sits there for an hour or more. It then continues until it gives the frozen impression at seventy-four percent for another hour or so plus. The really annoying freeze? Sitting there at one hundred percent complete... for close to a further hour. Seems to me those smart script kiddies still haven’t got a proper grip on that percentage countdown thingy yet.
    Anyhoo, all done and put away to await an emergency. An emergency that will most likely be down to Billy at the Window and his script kiddies.

Quote; Irving Berlin.

“Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.”

27 Nov 2023

And Then Just A Reminder….

 ...to those wot may like something a tad different to a Christmas card to send to family and close friends. Yup, Elf Yourself is up again for the festive{?} season.
    You see the hits that site has had - is having? It’s a number I can’t pronounce and I’m guessing the originators are somewhat regretting not, right from the start, charging a phew pence per visit...
    I mentioned the other day that the posh supermarket near us had introduced self checkouts. All card only. Anyhoo, I was in there early the other morning to get something I can only find there. Got it and guess wot? Nine thirty and no manned - sorry, staffed checkout points were open. There were quite a phew early, elderly, cash only shoppers just waiting for a checkout to open. Softly, softly bu-by cash eh?

Quote; ??

“We live by the golden rule. Those who have the gold make the rules.”

24 Nov 2023

And Then It’s Almost Upon Us….

   And according to the televisual receiving device that would be Christmas thus here’s an early festive number to start getting y’all in the mood. Also fits nicely with the bit o’ bother they had yesterday over in Dub-boom eh?

 Quote; Victor Borge.

"Santa Claus had the right idea. Visit people only once a year."