23 Apr 2024

And Then I’m Shocked…

   Wot could possibly shock I? It’s the ‘news’ that a huge percentage of 5 to 7 year old kiddies have a spy... sorry, smartphone. Are these kiddies paying for them out of their own pocket money? Is their pocket money in line with the basic living wage? Assuming it’s getting paid for by ‘others’, wot’s that costing mummy and daddy every month then? Bet they demand a big data plan as well as, I’m assuming, living on that unsociably muddier thingy needs lots of it.
   A monthly bumper lumper I’m guessing as, for sure, mummy and daddy have one and of course any older siblings in the family will be glued to phones. If you lot just eat once a week you can have a phone each. Is that how it works?
   Is it time for those investigative, seekers of truth, journalists to regroup regards their hyper scary reporting of that cost of living crises thingy you think?
   As a by-the-by, there’s a post from Ripper over at
Nourishing Obscurity. Good to ‘see’ you old buddy. Take care my friend.

Quote; Abhijit Naska.

“Phones are neither good nor bad, they are just lifeless machines that were invented to serve humankind, yet humankind, with their everlasting stupidity have turned this communication marvel into psychological suicide.”

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