24 Apr 2024

And Then Defence…

   Well, more magic money going out. Just a thunk, but isn’t it time this little island declared itself as neutral and thus stopped spaffing money all over the world and especially funding other folks wars enabling those folks to kill and maim so many folk?
   As for the announced of the huge increase in the defence budget, paid for by us down here, wot will it be spent on? Again, declaring neutrality would dramatically reduce the need for anyone to invading us at all.
   Just think of the joyous, prosperous, pothole free island we could be living on with all that money being used here eh?
   Anyhoo, defence I hear you say? ‘We’ can’t even stop the invasion presently underway right now with nary a shot being fired by either ‘side’ so wot’s a bigger budget going to do?
   Okay, let’s lighten up a tad. Remember that big boat wot bumped into a bridge a while back? When I tapped out that bit about the absence of a pull me-push me, something was floating about in the fog of ma heed but refused to emerge. Yesterday it done did break-out so below please find a song wot may strike a chord with any old folk out there wot used to do business on boats. All best listen to with them there ear bud thingies...

That led me to this nice medley...

And that led me way off topic to this wot may help y’all find out if there’s a hill-billy bone hidden deep in your body. Bu-by for now.

Quote; A. Whitney Brown.

Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait.


DiscoveredJoys said...

A 2.5% increase by 2030?

An easy promise to make when the Conservatives are unlikely to be in power over the run up to 2030.

It could be the equivalent of Gordon Brown's 'present' of building two aircraft carriers (no planes) for the incoming Government.

Mac said...

Just posted a reply and it's gone. Try again.
It could be they mean defence of our streets and schools. Going on recent incidents, who would've ever believed we'd possibly need stop and search in school playgrounds eh?