26 Apr 2024

And Then All Hail The Change …

   That would be the climate of course. This late April AM, I opened the back door to be greeted by a blast of hail, hence the name change from global warming to climate change I guess.
   Found an image on the Interweb wot I shamelessly copied wot shows our final destination and should be enjoyed by all climate disaster believers...

   And then I found this that ties-in with all the talk regards spy - sorry, there I go again - smartphone ‘news’. It’s a tad old yet very new; y’all of an age, enjoy.

Quote; Indie.

"I love how baby boomers dream of being millionaires & the millennial dream is 2 have a 1 bedroom apartment and not to drown because of the ice caps melting."


Andy5759 said...

We were treated to a normal day yesterday, blue sky with fluffy clouds scudding across the sky. I managed to get some work into the garden, even took my cardigan off for a while. Today we are back to new normal, walk to wall clouds and temperatures way below average for this time of year. On the bowling green last year I tried to point out the criss-crossing contrails. People my age and older see nothing unusual about them. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Anyway, enough chit chat about the weather and things we cannot change without rising up in righteous fury. How are you dear sir?

Mac said...

It’s damn cold could here and still requires a wooly pully when venturing out. I see many folk, on seeing sunshine through their windows, have ventured out in shorts and T-shirts resulting in many shocked, unhappy faces... Regards how I am; I’m well thank you; that would be well past my sell-by date but doing all I can to face piles of trials with smiles.