19 Apr 2024

And Then Another Day…

   ...thankfully, but it looks like we’re still tottering on the brink. As I view the ‘news’ I’m daily convinced my thoughts from a little bit after a while ago are, in fact, fact.
   And that
was? Remember I put out the idea that this planet was discovered a long, long time ago by another vastly advanced planet who decided this uninhabited place would be the perfect place to unload their nutters and see if they could breed their nuttery out of themselves thus it became their lunatic asylum.
  Frequent sightings of flying saucepans is them checking on progress - or lack thereof. Wot they report back is that despite many wondrous advances since cave dwelling and many pockets of sanity taking hold, it was still obvious that the only fellows or fellasses who got to positions of a little control of others or all the way up to total power, were the complete and utter nutters.
   Have you noticed something uncanny these daze? When some chap awakes one morning and decides this is the day, arms himself with a big knife or, if he’s ‘lucky’, a gun and heads off to the nearest shopping centre to inflict misery on as many folk as possible, once he’s been neutralised it’s quickly put about that the perpetrator suffered from severe mental health issues.
   Y’all see where I’m heading yet? However when some countries top dog awakes and decides this is the day so calls in those below him and instructs them to fire six rockets, ten missiles and a dozen drones at their neighbours, in the reporting of said incident there’s never ever nary a hint of the utter nutter card in the deck being played.
   Funny old asylum is it not? I rest my conspiracy...

Quote; Charles Bukowski.

“I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society, the mad were often allowed to mingle freely.”

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