21 Sept 2023

And Then We’ll Boil...

   ...or freeze, I get a tad lost in the direction the climate is taking owing to our reckless human activity, owing to him wot would rule over us easing his foot off the accelerator a tad on our/his speedy journey towards net zero - or as us down here know it, net winter warmth and net car. It’s amazing to see the MSM can only find climate cultists to offer hysterically screeching end of times comments regards these minor delays on the road to misery. That would be our misery, not for those up there of course.
    Anyhoo, giving that no never mind, a little shopping this morning found us popping into one of that supposedly posh supermarket chains places for yet another example of the direction of travel we’re all now on.
    Since our last visit I noted they’d installed ten self service checkout points. Guess wot? Not one that will take money. All only take card and, new to me, phone payments. So we moved on to another chain and found ourselves at a manned, sorry, lady manned cash-out thingy but stuck behind a fellow attempting to pay using his phone. This is true, it took him fifteen minutes to make a twelve pound payment.
    We paid and I glanced back to see a quite considerable queue and noted many more had their phone at the ready. Wot’s that all about then? Looks like folk wot lose their phone these days is akin to us old folk losing our wallet in those days. If I ever find a smartphone on my ambles I’d be tempted to attempt a mega shop with it. Just do wot I’ve seen others do and that would be to keep tapping the screen and pointing it at the till until the till goes ‘ting’...

Quote; Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski.

“Interventionism inevitably leads to socialism, central banking inevitably leads to hyperinflation, total cashlessness inevitably leads to total surveillance, and "guaranteed income" inevitably leads to guaranteed enslavement. A deadly poison remains a deadly poison even when ingested in a gradual manner.”

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