19 Sept 2023

And Then Just A Smile...

   Nothing to tap about here; just getting the garden ready for winter or global boiling whichever gets here first. I kind o’ know wot’s coming but I really should get a grip and start following the science, right?
    Anyhoo, I’ve also been periodically watching the ‘news’ wot just seems to be confirming my belief that those wot would rule over us are proceeding a-pace with their plan of making anything and everything ever more miserable minute by minute with their mindless{?} meddling.
    With the above in mind, whilst pointlessly blundering about on the Wibbly Wobbly Webb I perchance clicked on an old classic wot I should’ve played a phew months back when tapping about the warming weather prompting folk to discard all forms of body concealing clothing. By-the-by, aren’t full length mirrors in the hallway for a quick glance before heading out a thing anymore? I’m sure if they were still a thing, there’d be far more fully, sensibly clothed folk out and about...
    Please be advised this old track isn’t suitable for Timidadians, those wot are woke or those confused regards their own pronoun. Hello? Anyone left? If so, smile awhile. 

   Kokomo you say? Damn! You remember that?

Quote; Ronnie Barker.

“The marvellous thing about a joke with a double meaning is that it can only mean one thing.”

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