25 Sept 2023

And Then Memories...

   I awoke this AM to discover a strange word had buried itself in my head. And that word would be? Swingle. Where did that come from I wondered to myself, there being no one else in my swede at the time to wonder with.
    Anyhoo, the morning progressed and that word was eventually joined by yet another word. And that other word would be? Singers. Boom; Swingle Singers! That stir memories for anyone of an age out there? Just a quick search of that Tube of You thingy and I was back in time a tad surprised to be back to the early sixties.
Below is wot I was directed back to by my old head for reasons not yet fully understood other than for fond memories of times past but not, it would seem, lost.
    Now you may, like me, not be a great lover or possibly not even like classical music but please give it a click as you may be pleasantly surprised. To me that’s wot it should sound like.
    Nice background music as you wonder round the Wibbly Wobbly Web in search of the real news before it’s declared total tittle-tattle and removed by the totalitarians up there.
    Thus the pointless preamble pauses for the two tracks below. Bu-by.

Quote; Woody Allen.

“I can’t listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland.”

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