29 Sept 2022

And Then, Wot To Say...

   First things first; you got Sky TV? Seen the advert for the loyalty program? Are my aging ears missing something in translation when it’s stated ‘Fan of movies? You can meet the anuses’
   Anyhoo, I’ve been sitting here pondering wot’s going on on this planet of ours and have come to the conclusion I have absolutely no idea other than it’s, like, totally nothing remotely good.       
   Floods and droughts, bird flue running rampant, you MUST get a pair of experimental chemi cocktails pumped into you as it’s going to be a doom laden winter, escalation in some war or other with Vlad the bad blowing up his own gas lines. We’re supposed to believe that? Really?
   On top of that no more affordable private cars and it also seems any and all personal money is slowly, slowly becoming worthless aided and abetted by rising prices across the board and home ownership is also getting turfed out the window – that would be a rental window I guess. Your pension? Hanging on by a thread and it’s all, allegedly, thanks to Queasy kerching and his mini murky bidet.  Simply put, bu-by beef and a roof.
   Could this be a snapshot of where ‘they’ are  sending us? Welcome to our future/past...


   Bet y’all had forgotten that number eh?

Quote;  Charles Dickens.

“Credit is a system whereby a person who can't pay, gets another person who can't pay, to guarantee that he can pay.”


Ripper said...

In the Sky advert he said "meet the A-listers", but I'm sure you'd figured that out straight away. The videos on the tube of you about misheard song lyrics are hilarious.


Yes I do remember that number though its been long forgotten. However, reading your comments about the state of mentality of the world right now, and seeing how the leadership of the collective west are acting like kids in a playground (nothing new), I can personally recall a more appropriate number.


Politics has always reminded me of the school yard.

Mac said...

Thanks for that. Believe me, no, I hadn't worked that out.
Politics and the school yard is spot on but what we never see are the maniacs controlling them. Things should change to something along the lines of, 'Vote for me and you'll get him and him.'