3 Oct 2022

And Then, I Had A Think...

   During my in-depth study of TV advertising as per the last post, I got thinking to myself; I was thinking to myself as, at the time, there was nobody else in my head to think with.   
   Anyhoo, you noticed a lot of bits o’ kit that, obviously as a result of the cost of living panic  and thus drying-up sales, are now on offer at a bunch of percent off with pricy bits thrown in for free or prices slashed for autumn sales? Man, if you’d got that kit a month or so ago, you must be spitting big bullets right now, eh?
   Well, so, In other ‘news’, I see that Lizzy Lacklustre and Queasy kerching have scrapped the income tax cut for higher earners that they lauded just a few days ago. Just further proof, should any be needed, that a screeching media now dictates government policy and decisions.
   Well, so, according that media screeching, letting a few folk keep a bit more of their money is bad but giving many, many millions of our money to a far away corrupt country to aid them in killing folk is good, right? 
   Let’s think about that. Oh, wait a second, is thinking still allowed and legal? To be on the safe side, may I suggest you do as I did above and ensure there’s nobody else in your head before indulging in any thinking; especially any thinking, and this is a tricky one, wot could be construed by others as wrong think, okay? You think that’ll work?

Quote;  Moody Blues.

I think, I think I am, therefore I am, I think.
[Establishment:] Of course you are my bright little star,
I've miles and miles of files
Pretty files of your forefather's fruit,
And now to suit our Great computer,
You're magnetic ink.

I'm more than that, I know I am, at least, I think I must be.
[Inner Man:] There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
Face piles of trials with smiles.
For it riles them to believe
That you perceive
The web they weave
And keep on thinking free.

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