25 Sept 2022

And Then A Queue...

   I’m quietly confident you’ve all torn the mini budget apart to discover wot you’ve won. Seems us old folk have been forgotten again other than a whopping one percent drop in the tax rate. Sadly, only those wot are still alive in 2024 will see a tad of benefit from this. ‘They’ really don’t want us hanging on and cluttering the place up do they?
   Along with that, last week I had a medical due to my tick-a-tack. Upon entering the surgery I noted the queue at the reception counter – staffed by three young ladies -  was quite a size. I circumvented this queue and checked myself in via a big TV screen thingy and then sat down and listened to all the ills of the queue hoping for appointments.
   Guess wot. No illnesses mentioned; the whole bunch were desperately hoping to book their experimental chemi cocktail booster – apparently successfully tested on no less than six mice – with many wanting to couple this shot with their seasonal flue shot.    
   You’d think in this world, supposedly ruled by the Wibbly Wobbly Web, that a goodly number of those folk would’ve seen some of the disturbing bits about the puncture and even if they considered it all as conspiracy tin hat nuttery, it’d at least have given some of them pause for thought. Quite unreal to witness.

Quote;  John S. Coleman.

“The point to remember is that what the government gives it must first take away.”


Ripper said...

"apparently successfully tested on no less than six mice"

There you go doing them an injustice again. I heard it was eight mice.

I've just had the letter to claim state pension, so it looks like survival mode will continue for as long as I last. In other words, the gloves are off and I'll do whatever it takes, regardless of their rules. If I ever go back to work it'll be cash in hand and I'll be working for myself. You'd be surprised at how profitable working for friends/family can be. All I need is my health and that's why you won't find me in a doctor's surgery. I already have a fully equipped workshop, a vast range of skills and am mobile. Back in the 80's, no job and two kids, I did everything - electronic/appliance repair, domestic rewiring, woodwork and door hanging to welding, servicing and spraying cars and motorcycles. If you don't give the government anything in the first place, they can't take anything away. Klaus Schwabb? Pfffttt.. I will own whatever I want and be very happy.

Mac said...

Please pass my apologies along to the mice - if any are still alive that is.
Sounds like you're ready for any and all eventualities and will be earning and enjoying yourself for many a long year. All the very best wishes to you my friend.
However, I do hope you find a way to give a goodly chunk of your hard earned to the government as you must realise those hotels, food, health care and pocket money for all those poor young gimmigrants that've washed up on our shores doesn't come cheap...