22 Sept 2022

And Then The Go Ahead...

   I see the BBC is really, really upset at the news that fracking has been given the go ahead – with the usual totally limiting conditions of course.
   Back in the day I well {no pun} remember that as an oil or gas well started to slow in production, well stimulation was done. Stimulation? A posh term for fracking. I’ll guarantee it’s still a thing. And not a platform nor a jack-up rig has ever crashed through the seabed as a result of the well stimulation. To my knowledge...
   Time for this very old clip again you think?
   Oh, just in case, please ensure the little ones and those of a nervous disposition are out of hearing range before you do the clicky thingy. However that’s just a precaution as anything you perceive as being naughty will only be triggered by your own naughty head as the word fracking is, like, a totally legitimate word,  okay?

Quote;  Sean Hampton.

“A dream without ambition is like a car without gas... you're not going anywhere.”

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