5 Aug 2022

And Then A Lesson...

   ...for Ripper in way of thanks for his comments to the last post; well worth a read.
   I could be a tad late to the build with this video but here we go.
   The lesson wot’s in the video below illustrates how much better use his money could’ve been put to by buying a new build rather than the renovating he’s presently involved with. Yeah, right. Well worth a look especially if you’re considering a new build purchase. Ah shacks ma heed.
   If you do watch, you may want to mute the sound soon after the start or else the word ‘shocking’ will firmly take hold of your whole head for hours to come. And let me tell you, that’s a shocking experience that left me shocked. Shocked I tells ya.
   How the hell do things like that get past inspectors and surveyors? Is having a property surveyed by a third party before a lender will lend money for a property purchase a thing of the past?
   Anyhoo, as with almost every damn thing in this loony toons world we find ourselves in, you decide if that video is fact or faked...

Quote;  David Allan Coe,

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”


Ripper said...

Shocking indeed, but not to me. Your video makes my problems with the renovation pale into insignificance, but the reason I don't find it shocking or surprising is that I've been on a steep learning curve since this began, I've consulted many tradesmen, looked in on DIY forums, watched Youtube self help videos, and I've come across all these things along the way. I count my blessings that I'm an engineer by trade, so capable of common sense and critical thinking. Before taking on any particular task I've consulted building regs to make sure I'm getting it right, and learned a lot in the process - for example, you might consider screwing a new stair handrail to the wall to be a simple task - and it is, except that there are regulations. The rail has to be between 34 and 38 inches up from the nose of each step, and return to the wall at both ends. The rail must be one continuous run on each wall. A staircase is defined as having 3 steps or more and any staircase over 1m wide has to have a rail. Bet you didn't know that - and none of the tradesmen who work on these new builds will either.

Like any trade, my own included, there will always be the bodgers who lied their way into a job for money. Their antics can be really entertaining and there's a series on Youtube called 'On The Tools - Not MY Job'. These are videos from the tradesmen themselves and I've passed many an hour rolling with laughter watching this. So to give you a 10min laugh rather than just a smile, here's an example (caution, many naughty words).


Its also handy, if you do ever employ tradesmen, to know who you are talking to. Although this video is also meant to be humerous, it is also true to life, if any of those who I spoke to before deciding to tackle the job myself are anything to go by. There were a couple of the chancer type who's work I had to rectify after, but this is not necessarily a bad thing - I got the main job, that I didn't have the skills for done and the cost was cheap. The rectification is nothing really. Just don't let these guys anywhere near a critical job.


Mac said...

Front and centre tomorrow, okay? I'll need time to figure out how best to explain common sense and critical thinking to younger readers...

Ripper said...

Ha! Good luck with that, another entertaining series on Youtube is the apprentice pranks, from push starting petrol engined circular saws to catching sparks in a bucket so I suspect you may have a bit of trouble with the youngsters. On a more serous note though, the 'adults' are just as bad. Their equally silly messing around on the job tells me that they have no pride in their own work or interest in the job that they get paid to do. I would have been sacked on the spot for much less. I'm no party pooper, I can fool around with the best of them but my fooling around took place during non working periods. Another issue is the wastage - you probably saw the one where the apprentice is goaded into proving his strength by holding a full bag of cement above his head, then one of the others comes up behind and slits open the bag so he gets covered. Who pays for that wasted bag of cement?

Anyway, thanks buddy, I hope you got a suitably sized laugh from those videos.