13 Jan 2022

And Then, Little Things...

   ...are, as said before, softly creeping out now. I saw somewhere that a Danish newspaper is now apologising for using misleadingly inflated co-co figures provided by the government without checking. Then we’re starting to see non vaccinated doctors featuring in ‘news’ segments. There’s also the ‘news’ that that Faucet fellow has been caught lying and today we’re informed that our TV star of a deputy chief medical officer, Jolly Van-Tram, is running for the hills. You think that Witless Witty fellow’s looking for a bolt hole even as I type?
     Here are some links provided by the good ripper regards a possible incoming train crash;
Firstly regards Faucet fun fellow. Then there’s this bit of bother for those up there. PLEASE WATCH;

   Lastly, this, amazingly from twenty three long{?}years ago.
    Then, out of the blue, Savage Jabbit has announced that if you get a positive jobby with one of they literally phoney tests, you only need to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for five days now. That’ll upset a lot of ‘I want more time off’ Timidadians will it not?
   And this is just the co-co train damage we know about at this time. Let’s see how long it is before we’re witnessing a total, like, run away train crash.
  As for that Mr Bojangles garden party, rather than screeching about ‘them’ breaking their own rules, isn’t it just a tad more proof that ‘they’ knew the whole pandemidoodad thingy was nothing to do with bugs but was just an exercise in the limits, or lack thereof, ‘they’ could push population control and the timing of the ‘leaking’ of parties may well be part of Bojangles cunning escape planning for if the show starts to go off the tracks.

Quote;  Seth Hoffman.

"Rules are just helpful guidelines for stupid people who can't make up their own minds."

            Haruki Murakami.

“You can keep as quiet as you like, but one of these days somebody is going to find you.”

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