15 Jan 2022

And Then, A Queue...

   As previously mentioned, with all available NHS, blessed be its name, staff being rushed of their feet pumping an experimental chemi cocktail into willing arms, I was spared the annual need to get a blood test. So far, so wot...
   However, I did discover, when ordering my meds online for January, that I couldn’t order again until I’d had a med review with a GP or nurse. As there seemed to be no way to book a phone appointment online, I phoned the GP practice.
   I sat patiently through the lengthy preamble so loved of all ‘call centres’ and finally got the choice menu.  Three was for me so three it was and I’m quietly confident you can guess the response. ‘We are exceptionally busy just now; you are number fifteen in the queue...’ So hang-up is wot I done did.
   Next day, I awoke early and called at crack of call centre wake-up. Preamble, pressed my choice and was greeted with exactly the same message, ‘We are exceptionally busy just now; you are fifteen in the queue.’ Wot? I gave that no never mind and this time I hung on in there and got a surprise via a message I missed in my haste to hang up before. A message I’ve never heard before on call centres. ‘Press one and your position in the queue will be held, hang up and we’ll call you back.’ Yeah, right. That’ll happen thought I as I pressed one and hung up.
   You know wot? Forty minutes later I got the call back and was talking to an appointment person with no preamble thus saving me a forty minute phone charge just for the joy of listening to elevator music.
   Is this new and rolling out to other call centres? Seems like a winner of an idea to me. Oh, unlikely as the call centres would be facing the call costs rather than the customer, right?
   Yesterday I had the phone appointment with a fellow who introduced himself as a doctor and, amazingly, not once in the call did he broach the subject of my filthy, plague ridden, unvaccinated status. Shame really as I was fully prepared for such an eventuality...
   In other ‘news’ did I see mention that Mr Party-Hearty-Bojangles may soon announce the cancelation of that plan B thingy? Slowly, slowly it’s all getting undone then. Makes one wonder wot it was all done up for in the first place does it not?
   Sadly, we’ll never get back to days like wot this old track conjures up memories of.
Note:: Mention of wheels going round rather than coming off...

Quote;  Call Centre Motto:

“Your call is very important to us. Please enjoy this 40 minute flute solo.”

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