11 Jan 2022

And Then A Change Of Gear...

   Firstly, an addition to the rail track post supplied by Rick. This is new to me and may be of historical interest to some of you;
”In a sense it's quite nice that a tradition can be traced back two thousand years, although I think Brunel had the right idea.
   ”Brunel built his Great Western Railway to a seven foot guage, far superior in many ways. This lasted from 1835 til 1892. There were debates in parliament (known as the battle of the guages), but I suppose it would have cost too much to change the rest of the system to seven foot, so Brunel lost, and so did the transport system.”

   Back to boring old co-co. You get the sense that things are subtly changing? You get the feeling the media are quietly looking for the reverse gear? Such annoying things like
‘of’ and ‘with’ and even those big scary percentage numbers are slowly being called out. Amazingly, these two thingies were once the preserve of conspiracy nutters. All-in-all, when reverse gear is finally fully engaged, I do believe wheels could well start falling off the whole co-co fandango.
   A distraction is really badly needed. Oh, look, over there! A Serbian Squirrel. Wait! A Bojangles garden party you say? Oh bless, the media saved again.
   Finally, should you like a bit o’ bass before bedtime, you’ll enjoy this. It’s also a fitting cartoon seeing as how many skeletons are starting to sneak out of cupboards all over the place and start to sing. Come on Downing Street, party hearty.


Quote;  Oscar Wilde.

“Hear no evil, speak no evil and you’ll never be invited to a party.”


Ripper said...

Something weird is definitely going on - a couple of weeks ago the German health minister flopped forward over the desk, appearing to do a reboot in the middle of a press conference, and now I see that Justin Treudeau's eyebrows are falling off.


Mac said...

And a Danish paper has said a big sorry for using 'misleading' co-co figures and now that Van-Tram fellow's running for the hills. Pandemic train wreck incoming you think?

Ripper said...

Yes I think a train wreck is on its way. Notice how some of the MSM is beginning to change its stance? Some governments are distancing themselves a bit (for example the CDC dropping the PCR test)?

Methinks it might have something to do with this:


And this:


This, funnily enough, is from BBC Newsnight, 1999


Mac said...

Nice one; just in time for tonight. Thanks.