2 Dec 2021

And Then, It’d Be Wonderful...

   Well, so, I tuned into the ‘news’ before turning in last night and all I got was the omi-con and the jabathon. Awoke this morning, always cause for a moments silent thanksgiving, stupidly turned on the ‘news’ and, yup, you got it, none-stop panty wetting over omi-con and the jabathon. I note that the so called government have ordered another huge number of chemi cocktails. So much for give the elderly a shot and all will be well then. Soon yearly for all? Nine monthly? Six monthly? Three? How long before they start teaching self injection in primary schools?
   To get into the seasonal spirit, it’s beginning to look a lot like lock-down.
   I also spotted the fact that many folk are still without electrickery almost a week after storm awesome Arwen. Who knew we get winter gales here, eh? Anyhoo, that must be grim. I well remember, was two or three years ago when we lost electrickery. All dead for a whole morning ‘till I got the front of the house lit-up but it took two amp-tramps an afternoon to get the back lit-up again. just a morning without; and these folk have been without for a week?
   Man on the moon, rovers roaming Mars, spacecraft circling distant planets, talking tin cans running your house {when the power’s on} and yet they can’t ensure volts arriving at targeted places on stormy days? On the bright side, those poor folk are saving a little money as energy prices spiral upwards for us wot remain switched-on.
   It’s just a dream, but wouldn’t it be great if we could live on an island rich in coal, natural gas and oil so’s the peoples elected leaders could ensure secure, moderately priced energy for the population they’re charged with taking care of? Oh, wait a minute...

Quote:  Winthrop Aldrich.

“The price of power is responsibility for the public good.”


Doonhamer said...

Cheer up.
Think of all the virtue signallers a who have battery powered cars and heat pump water heaters.
Aye, the Future Is Electric. Haud me back, as we say around here.

Mac said...

Yup, electric cars, "Let's charge-up and get to a hotel. Oh, wait a minute." Hay, it's good to be green. Unless...