28 Nov 2021

And Then, Wot’s In A Name...

   Well, so, muzzle-up me hearties, here comes the mostest, worstest , chemi cocktail evading variant - until next time. And the name of this horror? Omicron. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed that an anagram of that is moronic. Think about that. Works both ways but I favour the second.
   Firstly, was the name chosen to describe the ‘moronic measures’ those up there would announce to combat another sniffle variant? Secondly, was it chosen to describe us down here and ‘our’ moronic acceptance of all they choose to throw at us. I favour option two. Nothing from up there is coincidental.
   Anyhoo, it’s a cold Sunday so let’s smile a while. Yup, smile while we can as no ban on that yet. Other than hiding one behind a muzzle that is. No ban yet, but who knows; next variant spread by the simple process of laughing and smiling? Please don’t laugh. Rule nothing out as being, like, a moronic idea as per below.
   Right on queue, some place in Australia{?} is now only allowing cats out when on a lead. They obviously don’t know much about cats. May I suggest they listen to these guys below and have a rethink;


Addendumadodad: I see Savage Jab-it has confirmed that this variant will only attack those unmuzzled in shops and on public transport – but not until next week - and knows better than to even think about having a go at free faced folk in pubs this time. I’m tempted to consider option one above.

Quote;  Robin Hobb.

“When you cut pieces out of the truth to avoid looking like a fool, you end up sounding like a moron instead.”

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