30 Nov 2019

And Then, A Good Point...

Just popped in to say, Hi, hello, how are you? Good? Good. Me? Also well as well. Well, as well as can be expected. And wot a sad start to the festive season down the smoke. I assume the T-light and teddy brigade are ready to go?

With regards that election thingy, it seems the past few days have been relentless climate coverage and how we have so little time left and our days are numbered. This, as pointed out by the good A. K. Haart, poses the question as to why are our politicians – and indeed us -  worried about budgets when we will all be gone in twenty to thirty years anyway? Let’s get it spent now, big time; we may as well all party hearty ‘till the end, right?

Or looking at it another way, whatever ‘we’ do, nothing will change. Cool periods will follow warm periods as sure as warm periods will follow cool periods. And at present the Co2 is greening the deserts thus presenting more areas for farming. But, but, but the ice is melting and polar bears are dying out!! I hear you shout. Fear not, the ice will come back and if you dig a little you’ll find that polar bears are actually thriving. Even if they weren’t thriving and where indeed dying out, would we miss them when they were gone? Do we farm them for meat and fur? Only the Peskimos may miss them and start to migrate South. Better that than running the risk, when putting your trash out of an evening, of coming face to giant clawed paw with an angry emigrating polar bear as it rummages through your trash. Thank heavens we weren’t around in time to try and save ol’ T-rex eh?

On another note of little to no interest, since the rise and rise of Greta Thumbelina, blessed be her name, I noted a while back that there could be money in that there kid and guess wot? It seems the advertising industry have also spotted this, thus checkout  how many young girls are featuring in the Christmas TV adverts and how many of ‘em bear an uncanny resemblance to little Greta, blessed be her name.

And thus I leave you with a very nice read...

Quote;  Dave Barry.

“If you asked me to name the three scariest threats facing the human race, I would give the same answer that most people would; nuclear war, global warming and Windows.”


A K Haart said...

Poor little Greta, but why the twelve year old pigtail look? She's weird - or her parents are.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Follow the link. And we're to believe it was put together by a sixteen year old school girl?