29 Jun 2019

And Then A Meeting...

I see May-doom has had talks with Vlad the Lad and told him in no uncertain terms how very, very cross she is with him. However, she said she’d be happy to forgive and forget if Vlad went home and joined in with her cunning plan, which she has already implemented for the UK, regarding combating the climate catastrophe the world is facing.

She then went into some depth regarding her plan for the UK to go net-zero emissions by 2050. It’s believed she skipped quickly through the bit about the colossal cost of this and the fact it’ll propel this island way back to distant pre-industrial revolution times; a time of abject poverty, pestilence, plague and, this time, civil unrest.

It’s widely reported that Vlad the Lad listened intently and in total silence. Sadly, after the meeting, he was unable to answer questions from the media owing to...


Quote;  A.E. Samaan.

“The Earth is nothing but phlegm spat out by the Sun, and our immediate solar system a whirlwind of boulders. There is no ‘delicate balance’.”

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