22 Jan 2019

And Then We’re Not Even Close...

Not even close to wot? Well, hot on the heels of the disadvantaged octopus menu, and going by wot’s below, it would seem we’ve a ways to go yet, and heavens knows wot’s next, before we arrive at peak lunacy – if ever. Read this and weep/laugh your socks off then do the clicky on this to read the lot – although there’s really not a lot. Anyhoo, it’s a wind-up, right? Please, oh please let it be a wind-up and if it is, it’s a beauty. But if it’s not a wind-up...
  “Students at the University of Bristol are being offered squares of bubble wrap to help them cope with stress.
   The 'stress-relief packs' have been offered to students on campus to help them combat the strain of the January exam period...
   ...Instructions on each packet state: "For immediate stress relief, pop three capsules every four to six hours, or as needed."
   Despite the well-intentioned move to tackle students' fears, some at the university have raised questions about the bubble wrap therapy approach and its potential to cause unnecessary plastic waste...”

Quote;  Lily Tomlin.

“Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it.”

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