24 Jan 2019

And Then I Join In...

To show my undivided solidarity with the MSM and to join in with all things Brexit, I took the decision to ‘crash’ thus this morning I awoke and crashed into a new day. I then crashed out o’ bed, crashed about in the bathroom a while then crashed down the stairs, crashed some coffee into a cup, crashed into my chair and turned on the computer. At this point I was delighted to discover Windows hadn’t yet crashed. Despite Brexit.

I then tuned into BBC radio four for Today program and guess wot? Every topic they covered, that I was mentally tuned into at the time, contained the word ‘crash’; sometimes ofttimes, thus confirming I was in ‘good’ company and ‘on message’.

Anyhoo, let’s give all that no never-mind and, crashing ever onwards, wonder why they call that early morning BBC mind conditioning program Today when every topic they push into your swede relates to wot happened, allegedly, yesterday?

Quote;  Neal Stephenson.

“When you are wrestling for possession of a sword, the man with the handle always wins.”

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