21 Jan 2019

And Then, A Close Call...

I may not pop in here for a couple of days as I now find I have stuff to do. And that stuff would be?

Well, this morning I had a small job to do that required the removal of a couple of screws. Upon doing wot had to be done, I replaced the screws. Guess wot. Last screw, possibly turned in one more turn than required for removal, resulted in a bang, a flash and a house devoid of electrickery as I must’ve hit a cable.

This was confirmed by my little nest of vipers calling supportively from the kitchen, “Wot you done gone break now?” Okay, the house was dead but wot about me? First thing I did was check I wasn’t looking down at myself. Okay so far. I then confirmed I could still touch and move objects. Lastly, I called to the kitchen, “I done do nothing. Must’ve been you.” This got much the expected reply so I came to the happy - and lucky - conclusion that I was, indeed, still here. Happy daze!

After checking all fuses and finding all to be good, I reset the breakers and all proved okay. However, my little brain refuses to rest and I can’t leave it at that and need to find wot I ran into in the wall as it’s far away from any sockets or switches. I’d like to know where it’s coming from, where it’s going to and  of course how badly damaged whatever it is is and if it’s leaking lots of electrickery.

I’ll be starting to dig into the wall tomorrow to discover wot’s wot and wot needs repairing or rerunning so if I don’t put in a show by Friday you can assume I knew even less about electrickery than the nothing that I admit to knowing.

I also have the spooky feeling that this exploration will result in a full re-decorating of the room as a small exploratory bit o’ chipping soon gets out of hand and I may well end up chasing the cable to the gates of Drax power station. Much like water pipe connection tightening...

Quote;  Thomas A. Edison.

“We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”

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