5 Dec 2018

And Then A Little Queue Fun...

Me and her - her and I -  together, we did a little shopping this morning and whilst looking round a large freezer store found we were the only visible customers. That’s probably because we were the only customers as I very much doubt there were any invisible customers.

Having made our selection we preceded to the only open check-out where a pleasant elderly lady was in attendance. As I unloaded our basket and my little nest of vipers placed the scanned frozen comestibles into a bag, another very elderly lady popped up from nowhere and formed an orderly queue behind me. Whoa! Has this old girl got the secret of invisibility?

It quickly became apparent that this lady knew the cash-out lady and thus an animated conversation began. The very elderly lady remarked on the inclement weather, which was persistent rain, and said how, on her walk to the shop, she’d become wet from the outside  almost through  to her underwear.

I was unable to resist so turned to the very elderly lady and said that I was at the age when, rain or shine, I tended to get unexpectedly wet from my underwear outwards. We laughed ‘till the tears were running down our legs.

Right up there with my other naughty store rejoinder. Still used on occasion but, unsurprisingly, only when shopping solo.

Quote;  William Shakespeare.

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

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