7 Dec 2018

And Then We Prepare...

Today my little nest of vipers dug out the kit she adorns the sitting room with for the ‘festive’ season.

This mainly comprises her collection of lighty-up stuff. You know wot I’m typing about; snow storms, Victorian cottages, water wheels an’ such. She’s built up quite a collection since we’ve been here and you may wonder why - as indeed do I. In fact she spotted yet one more today and her eyes were twinkling as much as the twinkly thingy. This one also played a selection of jingly carols which, on closer examination, I discovered couldn’t be silenced. So it was twinkle and jingle or off. I pointed this out to her and much to my relief, we left the store without.

Anyhoo, this is the time I tot up the huge number of batteries I’ll need to purchase to keep this kit going for the twelve days of Christmas. Twelve? She can run it at twenty plus thus a small fortune in batteries.

Then I spotted this bit o’ kit wot is illustrated below. Pop in instead of batteries, plug in and you’re all lit-up. I got just one for the lighty-up jobbie I remember as being the main battery eater this time but may consider more for next year. Assuming I’m still here.

Obviously no financial saving as there’s the purchase price and the joy of watching the electrickery meter spinning but, plugged into one of they remote socket switches, alleviates the annoying task of locating and operating minute, all but invisible on/off switches. We shall see shall we?

           Screenshot      Screenshot            

Quote;  Victor Borge.

“Santa Claus has the right idea: visit people once a year.”

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