16 Dec 2015

And Then, Not Very PC....

We decided to venture into town this morning with the idea of getting what we need before the pre-Christmas bedlam kicks off. Seems the entire population of this area chose to go to town to get what they need before the pre-Christmas bedlam kicks off as it was absolute bedlam.

I did, however, have one little moment of brightness when my little nest of vipers popped into a bakers and I took the opportunity to bob into an E-cigarette store to get some liquid. I got four bottles and it was while I was fumbling about in the cavernous depths of my wallet, listening to the sound of the sea and searching for money that the following exchange took place. My mind was obviously in search for money mode and had, momentarily, lost contact with my mouth.

"Would you like a little bag?" Enquired the counter attendant.
I was a tad shocked to hear my mouth respond with, "Thanks for the offer but no thanks;  I've got one; she's at the bakers buying cookies."

As bad as that was, and not much to my surprise, it had both staff and customers, boys and girls, laughing so I took the opportunity to exit the premises, checking for CCTV and shouting, "Happy Wednesday everyone" as the door swung closed. Sadly, the door swung closed in front of me causing yet more hilarity in the store.

See? It's the little things that bring a chink  of sunshine into peoples grey days.

Music? I haven't linked to any for  a while so lets loosen up and have at it with Caravan Palace and Dramophone. Warning. You may fine your feet operating without neural input on your part. Enjoy.

Quote;  Terry Pratchett.

“You're not allowed to call them dinosaurs any more," said Yo-less. "It's speciesist. You have to call them pre-petroleum persons.”

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