9 Oct 2018

And Then It’s Back...

Well, so, a full day of global warming yesterday. Luckily I only caught it on the main TV news morning, lunch and evening as I was busy breaking-out old wall tile grout ready to re-grout. Let me tell you, that job is as about as soul destroying a job as you can give yourself. However, I’d started so pressed on and finished.**

With that warming thingy, I’m a tad confused. I stand corrected but I believe we started with a cooling panic, moved on to warming then switched to climate change so as to cover all bases. Now we’re back to warming? Seems these cleaver folk are predicting something like a two degree temperature rise by, what was it, 2030? That’s damn smart considering the temperature where I be has been fluctuating by  as much as ten degrees, plus or minus, almost daily.

What was obvious from wot I saw on the news was there wasn’t one – not one second spent by any of the ‘reporters’ daring to question the ‘something must be done NOW’ belief. I say again, these fellows seriously believe man, one step up from apes, allegedly, can control the climate of a big rock hurtling through space in close proximity to a huge fireball that’s continually changing its explosive nature and thus its heat output.

**Yes, I used the old method of scoring with a box cutter then using a screwdriver and a toffee hammer. No way I was going to play with an angle grinder as my eyes aren’t that sharp no more and the grout removal tools don’t get very good reviews on the whole. A thought; why don’t all these ‘climate scientists’ do something useful like coming up with a grout dissolving chemical? Wipe it on – wash it out. Oh the joy!  Next time? Seven pound hammer and new tiles. That’s if there is a next time of course...

Quote;  A. E. Samaan.

“The Earth is nothing but phlegm spat out by the Sun, and our immediate solar system a whirlwind of boulders. There is no ‘delicate balance’.”

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