25 Oct 2018

And Then An App Ramble...

I’ll start this ramble in a large popular UK supermarket with a sad old guy rambling up and down the isles in search of some sort of parsley sauce mix.

Time passed and the old guy was no nearer locating the product when he came upon a member of the store staff who he politely enquired down which of the multitude of isles he may locate said parsley sauce mix. This question elicited the concise reply, “Errr...” and thus the search continued in tandem.

Time passed and the product was finally located. This got the old guy thinking. And hear I must interrupt the tale to  point out the fact that the old guy was – and happily still is – me. So, coupling the word ‘thinking’ and ‘me’ will prepare you for wot comes next.

In this super connected word, why doesn’t some enterprising application writer come up with something that, when you enter a supermarket, you just reach for your smartphone, fire-up the app, enter name of supermarket chain, the post code of the branch you’re in then type in the kit you’re looking for and let the app tell you the number or letter of the isle you need to head for?

Hell, I believe you can search for they Poko thingies in parks with a phone and a game app so why not parsley sauce mix in a big shop? How about a guide map? How about spoken directions? “Proceed ahead and then take the first isle on the left being careful to avoid the old lady ahead who doesn’t have this app and is frantically searching for anti-flatulence medication.” 
Thank you and bu-by.

Quote;  Ashley Jensen.

“I've reached a point in my life where going to the supermarket is a day out.”

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