23 Oct 2018

And Then, The TR Statement...

Well, so Tommy Robinson is still a free – almost – man. Just in case you missed any reference to it via the MSM, that would be Tommy Robinson, the ex-leader of the EDL. Oh, you spotted it then...

Anyhoo, below is TR reading out his statement, handed to the judge last night, which resulted in todays announcement of further delays. The establishment are really glued into the corner of their own making now are they not? Listen to that or read wot’s below that and you’ll understand why the legal eagle probably thought, ’Damn! You know wot? I don’t need any part of this rats nest my supposed buddies have created. Wot to do? Get it into a tin-can and give it a good kicking? That’ll work.’ Thus he was more than happy to quickly get the hearing off his desk and onto someone else's bigger desk up the way. Phew! JD thought he.


Should you wish, you can go here to read the statement at your leisure. 

Quote;  Benjamin Franklin.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

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