13 Sep 2018

And Then, A Smile...

After perusing the news this AM, just one coffee in, it became obvious that nothing had improved during my time asleep. Quite the opposite in fact. Even after refreshing the news page a couple of times the end result stayed stubbornly the same so I dived into Going Postal and, almost first rattle out o’ the box, I was smiling. A smile is kind o’ special in these miserable news  days so I automatically did that copy thingy then late this afternoon I executed a cunningly cleaver  paste command right here and here it is. Nearly. Down a bit yet.

Flying Hippo, please accept my thanks for brightening my day a tad and, although it looks okay to me, if I’ve messed up copyright let me know and I’ll try harder to copy right next time.

“I made my girlfriend’s dreams come true by marrying her in a castle, although you wouldn’t have thought it from the look on her face as we were bouncing around.”

For any readers who can hear a whooshing sound emanating from a few feet above their heads, below is a photo of a kids bouncy castle to clarify the joke. Clicking on said picture may result in enbigening but please be advised that however big you make it, it will still be just a picture and thus unsuitable for physically bouncing around on. If you ignore this warning and do try, it may result in personal injury. And a damaged computer screen to boot. Or not to boot...


Quote;  Anatole France.

“When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.”

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