15 Sep 2018

And Then A Quiz...

We found ourselves way up the coast today when our stomachs mentioned it was a tad past lunchtime. As luck would have it, as this message was transmitted to our heads we drove up to a large pub advertising the fact they served lunch.

We entered a busy, although not as busy as the external smoking area, eating area, found a table, perused the menu and after choosing I prepared to the bar to order.

The first question I was asked at the bar was what was our table number. No problem as I’d noted it as I stood.
”That would be number eight.” I replied and this is when it got a tad weird.
”How many meals would you like to order?” asked the barman.
”Tow meals please.” seemed a reasonable reply.
”Are both customers sitting at the same table?” I admit to being caught a tad off guard at this but quickly regained my composure  and confirmed that, strangely, the two customers were indeed at the same table.

It went on in a similar manner right up to the pay point. *Straight fries? Curley fries? Spicy wedges? Seven ounce this, how done that. Fried onions? Onion rings? Eggs? How many? How would you like ‘em? Soft? Medium? Hard?

At the end, having paid and re-joined my little nest of vipers who was starting to worry as to my whereabouts, I wasn’t sure if I’d ordered food or been a contestant in a pub quiz. The food duly arrived so I can only assume that if it was a quiz, I got a pretty good score.

*Reminded me of something I heard where or when I remember not. “At the fish and chip shop I ordered fish cake and chips. On the way home I realised I’d got a meal basically consisting of potato with a side of potatoes.”

Quote;  Michael Lewis.

“foodstuffs absolved of the obligation to provide vitamins and minerals cavorted with reckless abandon.”

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