4 Sep 2018

And Then Outrage...

The news yesterday was the anger being expressed by very many folk regarding the trial and gaoling - or jailing - of two Reuters journalists in Myanmar. A spokes-thingy for our glorious PM has called for their immediate release. Of course our Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Jammy Hunt, couldn’t let a perceived outrage like that go to waste and has joined in saying he’ll be raising the issue when he goes over there some time soon, saying: 
“Imprisoning journalists who write about inconvenient truths is an unconscionable blow to press freedom – and indeed everyone’s freedom.”

Well said that man and we expected little else following the similar vociferous outrage you and your ilk displayed when Tommy Robinson, reporting from outside a courthouse, was arrested, charged, tried and sentenced in half a day way back in May. Remember that Jammy? Pardon? Oh, right, that fiasco was acceptable as he was reporting from the ‘other side of the coin’ as it were, wasn’t he. You may want to change the bit where you use the word ‘everyone’ in, “...and indeed everyone’s freedom.”

Another day and it’s still a mixed up, muddled up, messed up world out there.

Quote;  Alex Morritt.

“Oil may run out, liquidity may dry up, but as long as ink flows freely, the next chapter of Life will continue to be written.”


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