3 Sep 2018

And Then, I Remember A Message...

I’m a long way behind the curve with this one and I don’t now remember wot it was wot stirred my memory; it may just have been one of they Tube-of-You click in error thingies, but I remembered our beloved Prime Minister’s long, stirring video message to all our newest bestest ever friends over some sort of annual ‘festival’ they held not too long ago. Well done her I say. 

However, for me at least, that was totally eclipsed by her earlier rousing, inspirational and patriotic message to us all regarding St Georges day. Pardon? You missed it? I’m sure she won’t give it no never-mind if I reproduce it, in its entirety, right here, right now:
“I send my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating St George’s Day.”
Even now, doesn’t that uplifting bit o’ Twatter just fill you to overflowing with national pride? Hello? Oh.

Wot a waste of a chunky necklace she is. Typing of necklaces, I see she managed to avoid getting one of they really big traditional jobbies while she was down SA the way...

Quote:  Jason Mitchell.

“I've got a friendly smile, a greeting smile, and a you-know-exactly-what-I'm-thinking smile.”

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