3 Jul 2018

And Then A Thought...

You’ve probably noticed that LGBTQUERTY news has been front and centre for the MSM today such as wot is linked below. A 75 point plan costing four and a half mill? One has to ask, is that really enough??

A 75-point plan to improve the lives of LGBT people, costing £4.5m, has been produced in response to the survey.

See how a small, but vocal group has, in pretty short order, got the government, of all persuasions, {Pun?} doing double back flips to appease some minority moaning?

Anyhoo, here’s a thought. Let’s use their ‘importance’ to see wot an ignored majority group could achieve.

And that would be? Well, the next time you spot a couple of chaps - or chapesses – in a pub all cuddled up, go over and encourage them to - wait for it - light a fag... sorry, light a cigarette. And that would end how? They’ll be told to put ‘em out or get out damn pronto resulting in them and the LGBTQUERTY ‘community’ sending Twatter into  a total meltdown with righteous indignation as they fumed {pun?} at the shocking treatment they’d received just because they were wearing rainbow makeup, cuddling and smoking  and how, like, totally embarrassed and hurt they felt as they’d had their ‘human rights’ abused and had cried and cried and cried all the long night through.

Going on recent appeasements to minority groups, this should result in the government  and public health folk quickly twisting themselves into all kinds of contortions and before you could say, what a gay day, they’d be announcing the relaxation of a lot of those smoking bans and apologising, unreservedly, to all the QUERTY folk for unintentionally being so beastly to them and thus signalling their virtue by bending to the demands of a vocal - and currently in favour - minority group. Win. And some shutdown pubs may reopen. Win.

Things in this country are so far ‘out there’ these days, I wouldn’t mind betting it’d work. You know wot? For good measure, get someone from an ethnic minority into the mix to guarantee a slam dunk.

Quote;  Liza Minnelli.

“Smoking is one of the leading causes of all statistics.”


Ripper said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! But Mac, if that were to happen you would have to be a fag to have a fag... cos lifting (ooo errr) the fag ban would only apply to, well.. er.. fags. That was a huge belly laugh, thanks.

Mac said...

Left myself 'open' for that one did I not?
Glad you enjoyed it. Let's just keep laughing at it all.