29 Jul 2018

And Then, News...

I’m sure you’re aware that the end is nigh for the BBC and other broadcasters an’ such, as there is about to be a war declared on ‘fake news’. Pardon? Oh, In our dreams then.

No, it’s those dastardly folk that pick the news that the MSM put out and attempt to present wot the news actually is that are in the governments  cross-hairs and amongst their recommendations are close monitoring, licensing, regulating or out-and-out banning by making, wot ‘they’ perceive as fakery, illegal thus shutting down such sites be they alternative news outlets or that social media thingy. Spookily, to reinforce this belief, there’s wail-to-wail reporting of Quatre allegedly using fakery to secure their bid for some footy games. Let’s not go near the Brexit vote stuff as it would seem that ‘fakery’ only applies to any and all of the leave campaigns.

And who, one wonders, will do the policing of this? Now this is a wild guess but probably our masters who will just ‘allow’ the news they deem it right and proper for us down here to hear.

More spookily yet, it comes with unseemly haste just as a few of the emerging hyper, super, extreme, hard, alt, far right parties are rumoured to be in talks to agree a direction of travel and manifesto and then combine into one united right leaning party. The word from, I believe the Veterans, is to wait a while for an important announcement so wait I will, with baited breath, for that news to be plastered all over the MSM when it breaks. Please note; baited breath not hold my breath. Why? Please refer to the first paragraph.

Finally, it’s interesting that all that media fake global warming scary stuff has been dropped as temperatures also annoyingly dropped. Do those in ‘power’ ever think anything through?

Quote;  Thomas Sowell.

“The media are less a window on reality, than a stage on which officials and journalists perform self-scripted, self-serving fictions.”

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