7 Jul 2018

And Then, A Meeting...

So exactly where are we with regard that Brexit thingy? The only bit I’ve picked up on regarding yesterdays big meeting is that that nice Mrs May-Not-Be-Wot-She-Pretends-To-Be has said that she will not tolerate any dissent. Now what could sound more democratically cool than that then? The plight of Mr Robinson springs to mind.

You know what this sad little country’s crying out for? Of course you do. All those so called right leaning fringe parties, UKIP, that Veterans movement, For Britain and suchlike, they all need to get together, settle their differences, agree an agenda and a manifesto to the advantage of the country. This manifesto would be published  after, and this is the cleaver bit, consulting with many thousands of us folk down here. and With that in place, hit the streets screaming their/our message.

As they’ll be shut out by our MSM, they would need to attract a wealthy donor or four, so they can start a news channel broadcasting the truth. By that I don’t envisage this news source throwing mud but just picking the news to bits and giving us the truth the MSM so often try to hide and adding the their own parties take on it thus chipping away at the base of the current Main Stream Monolith. An Internet TV channel or such would work would it not? Keep it simple.

Whatever, an awful lot of folk out here are desperately looking for a voice and a new box to put their tick in other than Conservative, scary, Labour, scary squared the Liberals and the Greens; yeah, I know. looking at that, hell, if the Greens can do it, surely grownups can, right?

I’m quietly confident other, far brighter folk than I, have thought of this so one can only assume it’s not going to happen. “I had a dream...”

Quote;  DaShanne Stokes.

“Blind party loyalty will be our downfall. We must follow the truth wherever it leads.”


Caratacus said...

Don't think I can recall a time where the disconnect between the gubmint and the people has been so pronounced. Or more fraught with danger. It's almost as if the silly buggers are working as hard as possible to achieve the civil strife towards which we all seem to be progressing quite nicely. And Mother May is on the news now tipping another can of petrol on the flames in that annoying quavering contralto ... ye gods and little fishes :-)

Mac said...

The amazing thing is, it's those self same people, those that are trampling all over us, that moan and complain about the 'inexplicable' rise of what they like to call the alt and far right.

Caratacus said...

Abso-bl***y-lutely Bob (to quote those splendid football commentators in "Mean Machine" starring Vinnie Jones, David Hemmings and a v. young Danny Dyer all those years ago).

If politicians don't like what the electorate says then they shouldn't have referendums ... or elections, come to that. Oh wait - that's how the EU operates; and 48% of this country's electorate approve of this?? It is a sad day when one realises just how many disciples of Onan there appear to be in this sceptr'd isle.

Mac said...

There's a chance, remote I know, that this moment could be the spark that ignites the blue touchpaper. The bang that follows may well propel the train of change down the tracks. However, I fear that train will leave an awful mess on the tracks before it reaches its destination.