26 Jul 2018

And Then It’s Back...

...I think although I may have misheard. Was Global Warming mentioned on the radio this morning? I’m pretty sure it was as I guess this spell of warm weather has resurrected the term, right? There was a long procession of folk bemoaning the fact that ‘we’ hadn’t and weren’t doing enough to combat this hotness. Seems to me, dumb as I am, that we’ve given it our best shot with windmills and solar panelling. And those sunny money thingies at least must surely be churning out electrickery. I also see the government is getting blamed for not doing enough to ‘help’ folk wot are hot:
There is little government action to ensure homes, hospitals, schools and transport can deal with extreme heat, say MPs, with heat deaths set to triple as climate change bites further. 

Have we really ‘progressed’ from a country who’s men of steel set sail in wooden boats to strange lands, some hot strange lands, to help build an empire to now having a population just sitting, sweating, melting, waiting for the government to tell ‘em how to get cool? If so, how sad is that then.

As for the windmills, if the scare trend is indeed moving towards warming again, then can’t these believer nutters see that, same as now, hotter usually equates with calmer thus him thing big fellah no turning do he be doing. Bummer.

However, there is a possible use for them, as abundant as they be. Let’s power ‘em up via feed back, as they do in no wind situations so’s not to collapse bearings, let them generate juice and then feed that juice straight back to running ‘em; closed loop style. JD. Free breeze with the added advantage that prices for homes in close proximity to wind farms will sky rocket.

There is of course, another way of look at things; it’s just another one of our very occasional warm summers. End of.

Quote;  Jerome K Jerome.

“The weather is like the government, always in the wrong.”

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