14 Jul 2018

And Then A Comment...

Firstly, if you haven’t already, spare a moment to check out Breitbart and gaze in wonder at a selection of photographs of some of the attendees of those anti Trump marches that the MSM are still not tired of informing us about. Ah shacks ma heed.

That was yesterday. Today? Brace yourselves for wall-to-wall TV coverage of the pro Trump and Free Tommy marches. Pardon? Oh, right.

Please find below a comment, a commenters response to another comment, I couldn’t resist pinching, while it’s still allowed, from J. Redwood’s place. Works for me. Reading Dr Redwoods latest post it would seem that those little lights in his attic are getting a tad brighter... Anyhoo, to that comment posted by Dennis Zoff:

   Question: Who is “The ordinary people will revolt” that you speak of? If one is highly educated, financially wealthy and intrinsically honest..and a Brexiteer to boot, does that make him or her a part of the ordinary people? And conversely, if one is not highly educated or financially secure, but is also intrinsically honest does that also lump that individual into the “ordinary people?”
   My point. I am tired of being listed, sarcastically and in a derogatory belittling manner, as an ordinary person (not by you, but the MSM, Establishment, elite and so-called Politicians, et al).
   In my opinion, “we” are the real people; honest people; hard-working people; tax paying people; people with integrity; we have dignity, are passionately proud and patriotic to be British; that has brought much to the world? There is nothing there that constitutes “we are ordinary”.
   …..the rest: Aristocracy, self-serving elite, self-serving celebs and self-serving Politicians are the “ordinary” people!
   The real “proud British people” will deliver Brexit, not the self-serving (EU licking) Establishment cartel!

Quote;  Alexander McCall Smith.

“His life was unrecorded; who is there to write down the lives of ordinary people?”

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